• Royal South Yarra Lawn Tennis Club

    The Backstory:As part of the ongoing relationship with the renowned RSYLTC establishment, situated on the Yarra River in Toorak, we take care of the majority of their electrical maintenance requirements. However, this project and the issue they wanted to resolve was a little outside of the ordinary work we usually do.

    The Task:The club has 15 tennis courts, each with lighting to enable the club’s members to play at night. Each of the courts were controlled with an outdated mechanical timer that provided very little flexibility or functionality. The result of this somewhat archaic solution meant that each night, the lights could potentially be on for up to 6 hours unnecessarily. From an environmental and an efficiency perspective, this was not something the club wanted to sustain, understandably so.

    The Approach:The club wanted a solution that provided better flexibility, with individual switches on each court, with a secondary automated control panel that was centralized in their office.

    The approach in the first instance required some research. While there were a number of companies in the U.S who seemed to provide a similar solution, there were very few options in Australia. After several meetings with the supplier and the client, we agreed that the new Audacy Wireless Lighting Control System was the best solution for the job. As a completely wireless solution, with no requirements for any cabling whatsoever, this not only provided us with the functionality we needed, but it did so at a very reasonable cost.

    The Result:
    The new lighting system provided the RSYLTC with an incredibly flexible wireless lighting solution that could be controlled from anywhere in the world. An easy to use platform also resulted in the quick creation of a summer and winter schedule for the lighting, along with an automated power-off process in case a client forgot to switch the lights off after they had left.

    The client saved money, they saved time, and they now have a more energy efficient management solution for the club and its members.

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